Kochi Yosakoi (dance )Festival 2019 team list , map , movie , URL service

The 66th Kochi Yosakoi Festival began today.

Yosakoi Festival was born in Kochi Prefecture in 1954.

Kochi Yosakoi Festival consist of major three parts.

Dance , song , costume.

these three contents are different from each team and each year .

each team updates these contents every year.

I expects what wonderful dance , song , costume will be seen every year.



1.2019 Yosakoi Festival Competition/Dance place

Kochi Yosakoi Festival has 16 place for Competition/Dance.

9 Competition places and 7 Dance places

each place is showed in the below picture with red line.


1.追手筋 本部競演場(outesuji main Competition place):street

 need to pay to get your seat.

2.中央公園 競演場 (Central Park Competition place)       :stage

3. 愛宕 競演場       (atago Competition place)                  :street

4. 菜園場 競演場 (saenba Competition place)                : street

5. 梅ノ辻 競演場  (umenotuji Competition place)               :street

6.桝形地域 競演場 (masugata Competition place)              :street

7.上町 競演場        (kamimati   Competition place)             :street

8. 万々 競演場       (mama Competition place)                   : street

9. はりまや橋 競演場(harimaya bridge Competition place) : street

10. 旭 演舞場        (asahi dance place)                                : street

11. 帯屋町 演舞場 (obiyamati dance place)                      :street

12. 高知城 演舞場   (kochi castle dance place)                   :stage

13.高知駅前 演舞場(kochi station dance place)                  :street

14.秦 演舞場 (hata dance place)                                      :street

there are  two type of seat for audience. with fee and free.

15.京町 演舞場(kyoumati dance place)                               :street

16柳町 演舞場(yanagimati dance place)                             :street


width and length is different from each place.


my favorite places are No.2 , 5 , 11 , 12.

No. 2 , 11 , 12 is major and near from my hotel.

and No.5 is very wide and fewer people than other places.

so I can see dance performance with relaxing.( ^ ^ )


2. Schedule and information

date:9th-Aug to 12th Aug

time: performance time is different from performance place


you can check the information with below URL or QR code.

you can understand the status of each place and each team.


QR code  


3.Rules for Kochi Yosakoi Festival

Kochi Yosakoi Festival is with almost no restriction.

But Kochi Yosakoi Festival has only 3 basic rules.

Rule 1. the dance moving forward with ringing “Naruko”

“Naruko” is the symbol of the Kochi Yosakoi Festival.

you can see the popular type of Naruko.


but the Naruko form is not restricted ,

so the variety type of “Naruko” (you can see below )can be used in the Festival



Rule.2: key phrase should be included in the song for each team song.


Rule.3 : the Number of performer is within 150 person.

each team should prepare the “地方車(jikatasya)” by theirself.


what is “地方車(jikatasya)”

front and side view of “地方車(jikatasya)”

back view of “地方車(jikatasya)”

“地方車(jikatasya)” is decorated truck by each team characteristic.

“地方車(jikatasya)” leads  each team providing each team song very loudly.

“地方車(jikatasya)” and very loud sound are one of the The biggest attraction of Kochi Yosakoi Festival.



3. Yosakoi Festival Eve perfomance

today(9th-Aug) is the Yosakoi Festival Eve.

The last year’s Awarded team can performance today.

22 teams is Awarded last year.

The list is as follows.

Kamimachi Yosakoi Narukoren

Hamacho Hanakagura

Asahi food

NTT docomo

Tawaraya Group

4.team list:

you can check the team list by below URL.

team list

over 200 teams join this Yosakoi Festival.

there are several teams that you can join without any reservation .

if you want to join this , please find these teams.

you can see the past performance of my favorite team in the past.

each team perfomance movie


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